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Windows / macOS / Linux

  1. Go to the Download page, where you will find links to the current installers for Windows, Mac and Linux computers.
  2. Download the relevant install package to a suitable location (Probably your desktop).
  3. Execute the installer. This will guide you through the rest of the process, creating any necessary folders and files on your system.

Build It Yourself

OpenSong is created using Xojo (formerly known as RealBasic) using the proprietary VB-look-alike language RealBasic.\ At time of writing this documentation, the code is fully compatible back to RealBasic 2010r5.1.

The Xojo IDE for developing and testing OpenSong is free on all platforms. To build your own version of OpenSong you need to purchase a license.

To make your own OpenSong:

  • Download and install Xojo and the source code of the newest OpenSong release.
  • As of Xojo, setup the Microsoft Office plugin, by copying the file MSOfficeAutomation.rbx located in the directory 'Extras/Office Automation' to the directory 'Plugins'.
  • Compile the source code, placing it in a suitable location.
  • The first time you run OpenSong it will create the necessary folders and settings files. However, you will need to manually add song files and backgrounds to their proper folders.
  • To compile an installer, consult the documentation at Building an Installer.