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You can add any images to be used in your presentations. Simply add them to your backgrounds folder:

Background Locations

  • Mac OS X - ~/Documents/Opensong/Backgrounds
  • Windows - Documents\Opensong\Backgrounds

The new backgrounds will then be selectable from the background selector next time you run OpenSong.

Please note that OpenSong will perform better if your background images are in the "native resolution" of your projector. Consult the owner's manual to confirm your projector's native resolution. You will find this information on the page(s) that contain the projector's specifications. Typically this will either be 800 x 600 or 1024 x 768.

If your images are a different resolution, reformat them using a good image editor (such as Adobe PhotoshopPaint.NET, or GIMP. This will save OpenSong from having to do this each time on the fly.


Bibles must be in a specific format to work in OpenSong. You can get compatible bible versions from the Bibles section on the downloads page.

  1. Close OpenSong.
  2. Unzip the Bible you have downloaded.
  3. Copy the unzipped file to the necessary folder (see table below).
  4. Run OpenSong.
  5. Go to the scripture picker in 'Sets Mode' and select the new version from the drop down box.
  6. Wait for OpenSong to index the Bible (this process can take a while).

Bible Locations

  • Mac OS X - /Applications/Opensong/OpenSong Scripture
  • Windows - %ProgramFiles%\Opensong\OpenSong Scripture


Please Note: CCLI has updated their site so much to the extent that the CCLI Import feature has broken. Correcting this has been delayed for an indefinite amount of time. However, CCLI now has an export option, which can be used in conjunction with the OpenSong Import Utility to import songs into OpenSong.

If your church has a SongSelect account from CCLI, you can use the New Song, Import feature.

You can search for a song using any of the following options:

  • Title and AKA
  • Title
  • Lyrics
  • Author
  • Catalog
  • Theme
  • CCLI#

Once you have found the song, select it and click Import. Do any editing necessary and save the song.

Alternatively, you can find the lyrics on the Internet and copy and paste them. (Make sure you are familiar with the OpenSong formatting. Use the Help option for details.)